Creating a faunsona can be so much fun.

Airbenders? I love them. The way they just (clenches fists) bend air.

People like grapes

They are a juicy little snack with a satisfying cruchpop

Creating a faunsona can be so much fun.


Hello, my name is Alex.
My friend Ian has recently gone missing, and I am trying to blow this up to find him.
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Please help




Hey look at what I found in my college.

Allies. Really.

"Pride Foundation also recognizes students who may not identify as LGBTQ, but who have contributed to the LGBTQ community. These may be the children of LGBTQ parents, or just friends of our community that have demonstrated leadership in advancing LGBTQ equality."

I can tell you that this program is not a “oh you are lgbt or you’re an ally, well let me throw money at you.” No, this is a “We’ll enter you into the chance to get the scholarships if you can prove to us that you are, and want to better the lgbt community. You know what it stands for, now what are you doing to help?”

They’re not going to give you money just because you are gay or trans or an ally, they’re going to give you an opportunity for money because you are a role model, a leader, pursuing a degree to help you so you can help the community, educate others, or because you “demonstrate activism in the LGBTQ community.”

If an ally is helping to better the community, then they should get an opportunity to get an education to further their ability to help. I’d rather someone who’s helping get a scholarship, then someone like myself who is just a member and not getting out there to make a difference.

So yes, really.


Hey look at what I found in my college.

Hey look at what I found in my college.

Oh, they're dating apps. Tindr is open for everyone but Grindr is gay exclusive I think.

oooh okay

I want to construct an amazing bathroom, it's my dream to have a super nice toilet, with a heated seat, soft stormy ocean colors and a huge bathtub with a waterfall spout, big enough to fit three people <3

That sounds like a bestroom c:

i will have to request bathtub swimming parties where we wear our swimsuits and just hang out in your tub and talk about everything and eat meats and cheeses and crackers from platters uwu

are those space pants? cuz ur ass is outta this world (fuckin nailed it hell fuckin yeah fuck yes hella good line they gonna love it fuckin hell fuck im smooth af rn jfc fuuuuck smooth as motherfuckin jif creamy peanut butter on a pigs dick hella hella yeah someone should give me a fuckin medal)

mundanearsonist said: At least your screwdriver actually works on wood

Heck yes it does c:

*insert gif of me attempting to twirl my screwdriver because I am in the wrong house and there are no screwdrivers here*

Are you All Saints Day? Because you're 11/1.

I did the math, and that only equals eleven.

I also want to suck a dick many hours of the day, and I want to buy sex toys, even though I lack money.

money is something this world tends to revolve around in getting things we want.

Sometimes I kinda want someone hot to blindfold me, put a ball gag in my mouth, and go to town on me. There are other desires, if you wish to hear them.

wop wop don’t a lot of sexual people c: