hey hey youre cute hmu

thank you~ c:

A wild herd of deer.


the-fawnprince - photo credit


Faerieworlds was fauntastic.

A couple outstanding merfolk, looking lovely as ever.

hi, you're super cute and you have really pretty eyes ^.^ I hope you're having an awesome day so far!! <3

When I got this, I was at faerieworlds, so yes, I was having a very awesome day c:

thank you for the compliments~

you should watch Supernatural with your friend over at HDWells and introduce her to the fandom c:

When I read this, I read it like “you should watch supernatural with your friend over at haley’s house and introduce her to the fandom c:”

and all I could think was ‘who’s my friend and wait.. haley’s house? no, it’s my house. her bedroom, my house.’

I’e been watching season 8 while she’s in the living room. Though I don’t know if she’s really the type to be super interested in it. Maybe after we finish The Wolf Among Us, we’ll see.

WOTAN THE FAERIE SMASHER caught a mermaid, and that mermaid was me!

Krissy and I looking fabulous as mermaids at faerieworlds

  · Gone Fishing

and by that I mean Krissy and I have gone to be mermaids at Faerieworlds for the weekend. We will be back monday with plenty of fae pictures.

Krissy is getting a lot of compliments and attention. Good.


Krissy is a big cutie. trust me, i do science.

Krissy is also super cool, you can trust me, because science.

Hello new lovely followers c: I hope you enjoy your time with me.

It can be quite the adventure sometimes.

People really seem to like my mermaid tail. I’ll have to make sure to get some nice pictures while at the pool and faerieworlds.

That will be a lot nicer of a background than a bunch of chairs.

I’m a mermaid, but not just any mermaid, a magic color changing mermaid

So who remembers my complaining about monday last week? Well I’m back again and with a fury.

I switched out of my Monday afternoon class to a Tuesday morning class, because I didn’t want to be stuck in a class with my stalker who a creep, womanizer, ass, and self conceited. Well I was late to my Tuesday class today, and guess who was sitting in there when I got there.

I cried in front of four teachers.

The Dean suggested we switch me back into the Monday class, nope he’s still in that class.

I really don’t want to have to switch out of that class, mostly because I already have the next two weeks of homework completed.

The Dean said she would look into it since there has been issue with it before and see if they can switch him out because she said it’s not fair to me after I had already put so much work into this class.

I really wish I wasn’t as kind as I am and had taken the offer of a restraining order last year, because then I wouldn’t have to deal with him at all.

[insert swearword to express stress and anger]